16 July 2018
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  Strategic Plan
Tabriz University of Medical Sciences
Nutrition Research Center
Strategic Plan

Nutrition Research Center, as a basis for sustainable development, is to become a leading research center in the national and regional level through providing proper research environment in the food and nutrition fields.
In line with the Ministry of Health & Education major goals, our principal mission is to conduct applied research projects on nutritional health promotion, community oriented food safety, knowledge production, and also serving as a counseling center for health authorities and policy makers.
We believe in:
1. Spiritual & religious values
2. Dedication to human dignity
3. Team working principles
4. Inter-sectorial collaboration
5. Quality commitment
1. Cooperating with regional food industries & related institutes in technological research projects
2. Promoting and encouraging teamwork and accomplishment of research projects on nutrition and metabolic diseases, and nutrition and micronutrients in digestive disorders arenas
3. Performing community oriented nutritional interventions (educational interventions, supplementation, …) to reduce the chronic diseases risk factors
4. Conducting interventionalresearch projects in the field of enteral and parenteral nutrition to reduce the hospital & ICU units’ death rates
5. Establishing and setting-up the cellular- molecular laboratory
6. Conducting clinical trials on micronutrient effects in prevention and control of chronic diseases
1. Optimal locating of funding sources for conducting research projects
2. Priotorisingand promoting the quality & quantity of nutritional research projects
3. Strengthening and expanding the national and international inter-organizational cooperation
4. Promoting the application of applied research outcomes in solving the (health) problems of the community
5. Development and establishing research labs
6. Human resources capacity building
7. Capacity building for interdisciplinary research projects
8. Conducting applied and basic researches in line with the Tabriz University of Medical Sciences’ research priorities
9. Providing facilities t
o attract post graduate dissertations